ŠKODA Velorace Dresden

62 kilometers (GCC)

The three fast, responsive rounds around the Frauenkirche for experienced and less experienced hobby cyclists, who face the ŠKODAVelorace challenge for the first time.

103 kilometers by ŠKODA (GCC)

The five fast, responsive rounds around the Frauenkirche for experienced, ambitious riders.

42 kilometer by Radio Dresden

The two laps around the Frauenkirche outside of the GCC racing series for active Dresden cyclists, beginners and ambitious urban cyclists.

21 kilometers by DVB

The trail lap around the Frauenkirche outside the GCC is for cycling beginners, especially for all Dresdnen inhabitants & interested cycling people as well as traveled family members with entry potential who can cycle safely. The participation of relevant licensed association and series-listed drivers / teams is excluded. The participation in the trail lap is reserved for interested hobby and recreational riders.

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