42 kilometer by Radio Dresden

Prices and Registration

Early bird
35,00 €
TPL_SACHSENTOUR_PERIOD: 2019-12-06 - 2020-01-31
Price level 1
40,00 €
TPL_SACHSENTOUR_PERIOD: 2020-02-01 - 2020-04-30
Price level 2
45,00 €
TPL_SACHSENTOUR_PERIOD: 2020-05-01 - 2020-07-12
Price level 3
50,00 €
TPL_SACHSENTOUR_PERIOD: 2020-07-13 - 2020-07-31
Last Minute Online 1
52,00 €
TPL_SACHSENTOUR_PERIOD: 2020-08-01 - 2020-08-04

1 guaranteed starting place and checking desired starting block (not guaranteed)


Official registration

    • Registration: 06.12.2019 till 12.07.2020
    • Online Late registration: 13.07.2020 till 04.08.2020
    • Late registration: 08.08.2020 till 09.08.2020 (52,- EUR)

Notice: Please note our tiered prices. The earlier the registration is made, the lower the organization fee. Verbal registrations as well as by fax, email or in copy will not be accepted. A change between the classification circuits GCC (62 km/103 km) is free of charge till 12 July 2020 for the participants (see our terms and conditions). With your registration you confirm that you noticed and accept this information on the website, further additions, the terms and conditions, the regulations und exclusion of liability and supplements.


New: Option Pasta-Party 08.08.2020

Ticket Pasta-Party  (info see below):
Early bird to 29.02.2020: 3,50 € 
Normal Price level to 12.07.2020: 5,50 € 

12/2019; Subject to change without notice!

The two laps around the Frauenkirche outside of the GCC racing series for active Dresden cyclists, beginners and ambitious urban cyclists.


skoda velorace 2019 strecke

Streckenplan (PDF)


Dresden, Terrassenufer/Brühlsche Terrasse Dampferanlegestellen; Start/Ziel: Terrassenufer/Brühlsche Terrasse Strecke: Terrassenufer Brühlsche Terrasse - Terrassenufer Basteischlösschen – Bernhard-von-Lindenau-Platz – Wende Höhe Zwingerteichstr./Devrientstr. - Terrassenufer –Brühlsche Gasse – Terrassenufer – Wende Hasenberg – Terrassenufer Brühlsche Terrasse

Data currently subject to change!

course map

Note: The route is subject to road closure for the public transport. Changes to concept and deviations due to construction sites or currently unknown construction measures are possible at short notice! The course is subject to the granting of the regulatory approval.

Subject to change without notice!

Details about the race

Date: Sunday, 09. August 2020
Position: Inner city area Dresden, Terrassenufer 
Start/Finish: Dresden, Terrassenufer

The 21 km trail lap is open to all hobby, leisure and amateur cyclists (without license). The most important prerequisite is a safe driving and a corresponding performance. Further information can be found in the regulations. A double start is possible (see terms and conditions). Born in 2002 or later can only participate with consent of parents, born 2006 can participate only accompanied by a parent or guardian.

ØMinimum speed : 23 km/h
Start time: about 12:00 h(neutral start about 11:55 h); last start block, neutral start Start block A starting from approx. 11:55
Stretch length: 42 km (2 laps)
GCC Rating: no
Maximum travel time: 02:00:00 (including food breaks)

Participants Accreditation

Participants Accreditation

  • getting starting documents and the orders of the sportswear out of our collection
  • location in the city center of Dresden on Neumarkt, Dresdner Verkehrsmuseum, atrium (Lichthof) Augustusstr. 1
  • find the map of the event area as a separate view / download (PDF) on our website

Opening hours

Saturday, 08.08.2020 from 12:00 to 18:45 h
Sunday, 09.08.2020 from 06:30 to 17:00 h

Starting documents / registration

Saturday, 08.08.2020  
All distances: 12:00 to 18:45 h                                                                      

Sunday, 09.08.2020
Distance 62/21: 06:30 to 08:15 h
Distance 103/42: 08:00 to 11:00 h

  • When you register, you will receive all required starting documents and your starter bag as well as the one-time transponder for the time measurement by the company Baer-Service upon submission of your original registration confirmation and identity card / passport.
  • The chip (transponder/no return) is integrated into the handlebar number and is handed out at the distribution of the starting numbers.
  • If the participant is prevented from doing so, he or she has to ensure that the starting documents are collected by a person authorized with a written authorization. Please provide the authorized person with the signed disclaimer.
  • The starting documents cannot be sent.

The regulations of the German Cycling Cup, the supplementary regulations as well as the terms and conditions of participation in German are valid.

For more important information and downloads see: http://www.sachsentour.org/velorace/faq (GER)

Subject to change without notice!


Distance 42 km by Radio Dresden

  • 11:00 am to 11:40 am access to the starting blocks / starting position neutral start at the Dresdner Neumarkt
  • last Block - 42 km by Radio Dresden
  • Last access at 11:40 am - all drivers must be in their assigned starting block
  • Start of neutral starts by blocks from 11:55 am; last start block, neutral start Start block A starting from approx. 11:55
  • Official start at Terrassenufer at 12:00 am
  • Finish time to 12:47 h (43 km/h) 13:38 h (23 km/h) pm
  • presentation ceremony xx:xx h
  • Subject to change without notice!

Use of the participant amount

    • Online registration portal
    • Support through an online reporting portal and participant management before, during and afterthe event
    • Timing and result service with transponder system
    • Start numbers with safety pins and cable ties
    • Subscriber information brochure
    • Starter bag with products
    • Toilets, showers and changing facilities
    • Secured city circuit *1
    • Motorcycle accompanying
    • Supply of fruits and drinks after finish
    • Medical emergency service before and during the race
    • Emergency technical service before and during the race
    • Live tracking of racemap
    • Printed finisher certificate
    • Online results service and download finisher certificate

With the provision of services third service providers are commissioned.

* 1 Blocking for public transport. Information on course requirements and special features in the start information booklet. Subject to change without notice!

Extract from regulations

Extract of important notes

  • The starting block and the distance are found directly on your start number.
  • The start number must be fastened centrally to the back of the racing jersey.
  • The handlebar number (with transponder) is to be placed in the center of the handlebars.
  • Optional:The number of seat posts must be attached according to the instructions. The number of seat post supports the video documentation of the finish line, only the correct installation can be used to check the recording of the result.
  • Start numbers cannot be bent or folded.
  • Transponder return is not necessary as it is an one-time transponder.
  • Technical emergency service before the start can be find at the event area of the Neumarkt at Radsport Kotyrba – Radhouse Dresden and BIKE24 (pay attention to the flagging).
  • The starting set-up takes place in the starting lane in the respective marked blocks, these are marked on the safety lattices at the entrances.
  • Your position in the starting block is irrelevant for the race exit, since your actual driving time is only measured when the electronic loop of the time measuring system is crossed at the official start at the start/finish line Terrassenufer.
  • The neutral starts take place approximately every 30 s after the last participant of the previous block.
  • After releasing the neutral start of your starting block, drive slowly and controlled behind the guide vehicle to the starting line.
  • Do not overtake the respective driving vehicle (car or motorbike) from the neutral start to the official finish line.
  • Do not hold, it’s a rolling start.
  • For the ŠKODA Velorace, a serial race of the German Cycling Cup, a minimum average speed exists: 25 km / h for the distances 62/103 km, for the Dresden races 21/42 km a minimum average speed of 23 km / h. This speed applies to the entire race and is controlled by the members of the SRB e.V. jury. Anyone who falls short of the required speed will be taken out of the race by the jury and will not be counted.
  • Avoid dangerous driving maneuvers and sprint arrivals at the finish line at the finish area (Terrassenufer), as the round trip of the other participants can be expected until the race track is closed. Sprint arrivals are exciting and inspire the people at the goal, but also increase the accident risk.
  • Once you have passed the finish line, you will still be 500 meters on the race track. Do not stop, continue driving, act prudently and slow down. Keep a straight line even at the finish line in a group.
  • For your exit from the race track, follow the left side plates (yellow). The route to the finish line is at the LEFT at the height of the Theaterplatz / Semperoper.
  • Drive very carefully until after the bridge underpass Augustusbrücke.
  • Indicate your exit to the LEFT and take the left lane (you can see the DRK (parametics)), then turn left into the street of the Theaterplatz to the left in front of the DRK service station.
  • ATTENTION: from Theaterplatz back to the event area the road traffic regulations apply, vehicle traffic in the area of the Theaterplatz, Restaurant Italienisches Dörfchen, Sophienstraße is to be expected.
  • Presentation ceremony: exact times will be announced later, probably distances 62/21 between 12:15 and 12:30 pmand distances 103/42 km from about 2:30 pm(depends on goals and results of the race also of the serial race).

Helmet requirement and technical notes

  • Helmets are compulsory for every participant!
  • Prerequisite for the participation is a technically perfectly intact two-wheeled bicycle.

Material expressly prohibited during the race:

  • Disc wheels front and / or rear
  • Triathlon handlebars, horns and delta handlebars
  • Handlebars of all kinds (MTB bar-ends / crossbars on handlebars at MTB are permitted as they do not apply as handlebars and do not reduce the steering lever)
  • Recumbent bikes and unicycles, hand bikes, single speeds of all kinds
  • Bottle holder behind or under the saddle (attaching exclusively at the down tube and seat tube)
  • Water bottles made of aluminum, glass or other materials which cannot easily be deformed or are fragile
  • Attachments that can distract the driver (camera, navigation devices, TV, etc.) and which represent a safety risk (e.g. bicycle stands)
  • Backpacks (ATTENTION: standard drinking water bags like Camelbags for the water supply are allowed! as long as the back number remains free and is clearly visible
  • Sound carriers of any kind or ear covers, which impair the hearing and thus the reactivity in road traffic


All texts, descriptions and regulations are subject to the German versions of the texts. Subject to change without notice!

Pasta party on opening day 08.08.2020

Pasta party on opening day

 On Saturday, 08.08.2020, we are planning a Pasta Network Party for the first time in the vicinity of Dresden's Neumarkt and Terrassenufer. We would be delighted if all participants from afar as well as from Dresden and the region would make active use of this offer.

Meet: like-minded people, cycling friends, your team mates, exchange ideas and talk shop, make an appointment for the starting block.

The location of the Pasta-Party will be announced soon.

Under reservation (Status: 05.12.2019)

Time: 18:00 o'clock to 21:00 o'clock

Ticket Portion Pasta: 3,50 €

The offer as a whole will be concretized in the course of the votes.

Downloads (in GER)

FAQ Downloads - here you can download all important documents as PDF files. All texts, descriptions and regulations are subject to the German versions of the texts. Subject to change without notice!

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